My comments on Michele start with what a god-send. She rescued me from a very horrible situation and had turned the apartment to a money generator.

I have had three prior property managers and none hold a candle to Michele. This is in terms of the quality of renters, the communication with me and timeliness of reports (and checks!), to the follow up on all needed repairs.

I was continually going through months of tenant’s non-payment and then eviction to now not having any evictions. Payments are on time, and payment for extras like washer/dryer and pets are recorded and collected.

My confidence level in how the business is run has soared, and the results are there. My comfort level in not having to monitor what is going on has me watching the business move forward to one of worrying what is happening, a great stress reduction on that feeling that are is moving forward very well.

Whenever I have questions, and I did have more early on, she answered them fully. When there were issues in her getting things to me when she was starting out and getting the software to run well, she was open about what they were and when she hoped to have them resolved, and they were resolved in that timeframe.

I can’t thank her enough for the work she has invested and the results she has succeeded in achieving.

I not only recommend her, but very highly recommend her.

~Charley Quirt